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Solutions that not just explain… but inspire

Tecforia helps you to quickly get things crystal clear for your audience. To explain what your technology is about and why it’s important. Perhaps why it is unique.

But this is just the beginning. We add another crucial ingredient: we help to show your audience how your technology will impact on their lives. Why? Innovation brings new possibilities and opportunities that most people didn’t think of or can’t even imagine. Your success depends on engaging their imagination – inspiring them to dream, and making your technology part of that dream.

With Tecforia’s help you can quickly establish the building blocks to achieve any marketing or communication goal, in any situation needed, to any type of target audience.

It doesn’t matter if you need tools online, during an event or tradeshow, or when visiting a client, Tecforia can help you to build effective presentations, videos, web pages and AR/VR solutions, and comprehensive experience centres. Almost anything is possible, since I work with and co-ordinate many creative partners. With my understanding of your technology and your target audience I can guide them to deliver exactly what you need, while freeing you up to pursue other priorities. I assume the burden of getting things done on time, and insist on the very best results – the tools you need to make your technology succeed.

My layered approach

I use a layered approach to deliver solutions that not only explain your technology, on a level that appeals to any audience, but also go that ‘extra mile’, to excite and inspire everyone who sees them. This layering consists of:

Story layer: a clear and highly structured story is the foundation. It provides any viewer with a basic but necessary understanding of your technology.

Visual layer: visuals are added to strengthen the story and achieve a clear, almost intuitive understanding in your audience.

Experience layer: the whole story is turned into an experience, to let your audience ‘feel’ what your technology can actually do for them. It makes them part of your vision and truly inspires them to pursue what you can offer.

The TechVision method

To effectively inspire with your technology story, I make use of a method I call the TechVision methode. This method is based on 4 key pillars:



What’s your company’s vision of the future: why is your company doing all this? What does it want to achieve and enable?



What’s the essence of what your engineers have already achieved? What’s so unique about it and what are THEY so excited about?



What’s the relevance of all this for your audience?



What goals do you want to achieve with your audience?

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