Helping best-in-class technology get the attention it deserves

Do you want to speed up your projects with tech clients?

Tecforia helps you in the process with your tech client, so you can focus at what you are good at.

Would you love to help your tech client to make an impact with their technology or product, but feel this isn’t easy, since …..

the communication & decision making process is slow and complex.

your client is trying to use too much terminology and technical specs?

I can help you to get around those struggles:

I come from your clients’ side: I know how those companies function, where they struggle and how much they need your expertise.

I can help you to get around complex matters and specs to find the real story to build your marketing tools on.

I don’t create any marketing content, but help you in the process with your tech client, so you can focus at what you are good at.

Some would say I am a content producer, but I am more like a content consultant. I specialise in tech. I help you to produce content, fully optimised from your clients perspective, with a minimum of workload to both you and your client.

Tecforia helps you to transform complex tech into any kind of exciting marketing experience.

How I help you

Supported media

What media do I support?

I believe that for an experience to resonate and be effective, it always starts with a good story. I can help you extract that key story out of complex information, so you have a fundament building block to base your media on.

As a result, I can support almost any kind of media, such as: video, websites, brochures, selection tools, e-learning, 360° virtual tours, Augmented or virtual reality experiences etc.

Project Phases

Which project phases do I support?

Each project phase has its’ own specific pain-points and struggles. eg:

The communication & decision making process is slow and complex.

Do you have a hard time convincing your client about your proposal?

Does the review process take too long?

I can support you in the phases where you see the most potential for improvements, or where you experience the most pain.

The TechFirst method

To get your project in the next gear, I use of a method I call the TechFirst method.
This method is based on 4 key pillars:

Tech topic


The key tech story should be simple and easy-to-understand

Tech firm


Buy-in of the tech organisation as a whole: decision makers & operations

Target audience


Medium, language & UX optimised to the target audience

Creative team


Execution by a creative team, which is a specialist in the required discipline

Download free guide

Why are briefs always so minimal? Why do clients always take a long time to respond?

I will share with you some worthwhile insights from your tech clients perspective.

What do they expect from an external agency and what you should do to prevent them to get frustrated.

Download the free guide.

  • Obviously I will keep your personal information in confidence.  I would like to refer you to our Privacy Statement

What others say about me:


“Michel is both a creative and structured marketeer/project manager. He is a resourceful and fo-cussed professional, equally capable of the creation and integration of new technologies to deliver solid business benefit as he is of looking at the big picture of global tech giants, saying what if, and bringing about a practical, positive change.

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage a specific project or create a step change market-ing communications solution, (that will actually work, be delivered on time and to budget), you’ll find Michel to be a calm, efficient, fun and creative professional that will get the job done”

Nick Pettitt – Owner Rocket Communications Ltd


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