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Would you like to become a customer magnet with your marketing & sales team?

Tecforia helps you to turn the passion of your engineers into powerful & effective communication solutions

Are you responsible for communications in an innovative technology company, which is (or aims to be) the best in its discipline?

Is it your responsibility to get the products, values and aspirations of your company into the minds of your target audience?

Is it your goal not only to excite them about your company and its technology… but to really inspire? To show them how your solutions can make a genuine impact?

But do you struggle to achieve this goal? Do you find yourself allocating more and more time to the creative process, without getting the satisfaction of the results you imagined?

Is this caused by the following?
Product people or engineers who are not able to clearly explain their technical achievements. They not even support your efforts, as they don’t understand the importance of your role. Instead they provide you with a flood of incomprehensible, incoherent technical information. To you, their contribution may look like a brain dump, with no clear message.

Your current agencies not understanding the essence of your technology. They may also lack the enthusiasm to dig into the details and prefer focus on delivering pretty looking solutions. The result is a story that lacks structure and visuals that seem out of context.

I fully understand your situation.
I’ve worked for 16 years in the tech industry, as an intermediary between the internal organization and external parties and agencies. I know the challenges of preparing effective communication tools, especially for technologies that are still under development.
I can show you that exciting and inspiring your target audience doesn’t have to be a constant struggle… and a routine disappointment.
I believe that any innovative company has great stories to tell that have amazing potential to inspire their audiences, no matter the complexity of the technology.
Tecforia helps you to find this unique story, bring it to life and deliver it to your audience in a way that inspires them and effectively supports your company’s goals.

Tecforia bridges the gaps between engineers, marketeers & creative minds, so they can all add their own magic.

Transforming complex technology

Why is Tecforia different from other agencies?

I feel the same excitement for your technology as your engineers, which is a crucial ingredient for inspirational content. I safeguard that passion throughout the creative process and use it to motivate other project members.

I always reason from the perspective of your audience: what is important to them and how can we involve them in the story? I make sure the experience is optimized towards them, to maximally inspire and achieve your goals.

I connect disciplines: I appreciate what’s important to everyone involved in the development process and understand how to motivate, so each and every person is free to focus on what they’re good at… and to add their own magic to the final story.

I apply a helicopter & strategical view to everything I do. As a result, I keep things very simple and make sure effort is only spent on aspects that make a difference, so time and money isn’t wasted.

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What others say about me:


“Michel is both a creative and structured marketeer/project manager. He is a resourceful and fo-cussed professional, equally capable of the creation and integration of new technologies to deliver solid business benefit as he is of looking at the big picture of global tech giants, saying what if, and bringing about a practical, positive change.

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage a specific project or create a step change marketing communications solution, (that will actually work, be delivered on time and to budget), you’ll find Michel to be a calm, efficient, fun and creative professional that will get the job done”

Nick Pettitt – Owner Rocket Communications Ltd


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